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Devoted Service Relieves the Agony of Disease

Updated: May 6, 2019

Day four. Iquitos, Peru. Humidity, humidity everywhere and not an inch of me is dry.

The hand-drawn sign welcomed us to a local church with a dirt floor to our clinic space for the day. The outer skin of the building was wooden planks and corrugated metal. No windows. No air circulation. Only humidity and bodies and sweat and smells.

Outside the roads were still flooded with water dirty from sewage and waste. Water that teams with bacteria and bugs. Water that contributes to multiple skin infections, parasites, dysentery, etc. wreaking havoc on the health of the local residents.

Makeshift raised walkways without hand railings provided dry passage between homes.

The humidity, did I mention, the moisture in the air and heat was almost paralyzing as our team cared for the persons that flooded the church seeking medical care.

In the heat and sweat of the afternoon I almost feel like a panic attack was imminent, then a mom who is 20 with 3 kids , one with fevers and an ear infection, one with parasites and the other with a skin infection sits in my chair. I, for that moment, forget about the sweat that was running down my back, the itchy bug bites on my arms and legs and sat in awe of this beautiful family.

They did not complain. They spoke of how grateful they were that we came today and cared and served. They are tough as nails.

The bus ride home was a sweet relief!

by Jill Cornforth

Edited by Dan Kittle

#peopleofperu #founder #2019Trip

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