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Solace House February 2019 Update

I am the new kid on the block here in Idaho. My first assignment at work was to get to know the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition, and I was blown away. Check out what this loose knit statewide network of individuals has accomplished in less than one year:

  • Dreamed a dream for Solace House – more than a roof and a pillow – a place of safety, services, and renewal for girls 11-18 on a pathway to freedom from sex trafficking.

  • Funded a full-time Executive Director to guide, build, and connect the coalition to our community.

  • Research, design, and implement a strategic plan for public awareness, training, and communication.

  • Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition filed documentation with the IRS to become a 501©3 – a recognized non-profit organization.

  • Branded the IATC as the primer organization and voice for Human Trafficking in the State of Idaho.

  • Influenced the formation of language to be included in the proposed bill to establish an Idaho Safe Harbor Law.

  • Closed escrow on a property that is to become Solace House.

  • Voted a capital campaign of $300,000 to have Solace House move in ready in the Spring of 2019.

  • Signed MOU’s with HHS and Optum Idaho regarding client services.

  • Developed policies for Inpatient and Outpatient services.

This organization is fantastic, and it has been recognized by the US National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center for its meteoric rise to be the voice of Human Trafficking in Idaho.

As Director of Grants at the Five Loaves Foundation it has been an honor to walk into the perfect moment to assist the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition with its Capital Campaign. I have been blessed with the right cause, the right time, and the right “ask” for this community!

Everyone knows that a house – a roof over your head – shelter - is the beginning place of new life in any community. Try moving to a new city and start a new life without a house, an address, or a place to call home. Human traffickers count on each community to not have a home for “their workers.” They depend on your oblivious compliance with “their” narrative that the “trafficked” choose to live a life of cyclical abuse.

Idaho is at a critical point in disrupting this ongoing saga of victimization. This community is taking a bold, powerful step to break the death grip that a pimp holds on the life of a trafficked child – it is called Solace House. It is a safe house, a home, a place for healing and caring. It is a new beginning - a place to become whole and alive again.

Solace House started as a dream for a harbor of safety in the mind of a member of a grassroots movement. This movement matured into the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition a statewide organization empowering the dreams of individuals to strengthen each community in their fight against human trafficking.

The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition is asking you to make Solace House come to life. Your gift will unlock the front door of Solace House creating a world of possibilities for girls ages 11-18 who have been groomed, and used, and broken by intimidation, manipulation, and isolation.

Houses are not free. Neither are bold dreams. The cost of opening the doors of Solace House is $300,000. Your gift decision will make a critical difference in the life of a young girl seeking a new start in life. Your simple act of donating announces an end to their isolation. Here in Idaho, young girls will find caring relationships, a safe harbor, and new beginnings.

Your one time gift will help open the door and launch Solace House.

Please consider keeping the lights on, the pantry stocked, and our services flowing by clicking the box to turn your gift into a monthly donation.

Thank you for being a powerful disruptive force for breaking the bonds for a child locked in a life of human trafficking.

#IDATC #SolaceHouse

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