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Love Heals Free Clinics Serves in the Gap

"The Growing Gap: Nonprofits Asked to Take On Uncovered Medical Costs"

This headline appeared in the NPQ: Nonprofit Quarterly under the byline of Martin Levine dated August 6, 2019

LHFC serves in the gap of affordable and accessible care for the uninsured and the underinsured in communities of need across the United States. We are familiar with the national story of the uninsured. We know it well as the narrative of need drove the creation of public policy known as the Affordable Care Act.

In our idealism, we thought access to insurance would create affordable care. We expected a decline in demand for free clinics even as Employer Health Benefit Plans were failing to provide affordable health care to their employees. In this time of low unemployment and low inflation, the demand for Free Clinics is up.

Michelle M. Murphy, executive director of the Malta House of Care Foundation captures the essence of the struggle of her clients with these words. "They're in that terrible vice grip. They work like crazy, they have enough money to come in and pay their bills, they're too ‘rich' for Medicaid, but they don't have enough to cover all the costs of life." The United Way ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Reports are a revealing expose of the staggering need in our communities.

Our new reality, "Now, Americans who have insurance are increasingly turning to charity as a lifeline, as a revolution in health insurance has driven up deductibles more than threefold over the last decade, forcing tens of millions of Americans to delay care and make difficult sacrifices to pay medical bills." LA Times August 4, 2019

The demand for the humanitarian services provided by Love Heals Free Clinic is on the rise. We anticipate partnering with 15 communities to deploy medical, dental, and vision services to metropolitan centers in 2020. And we are launching new initiatives to design and deploy smaller scale clinics to rural communities.

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