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30% of Adults Are Uninsured Or Underinsured

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Currently, donors received a 440% return on investment as Love Heals Free Clinic provided vision, dental and medical services to 6,638 individuals who were uninsured or underinsured here in America.

Your gifts are needed to expand our reach. 30% of American adults today, under the age of 65, are uninsured or underinsured. Each day they have to make tough economic choices regarding health and family budgets. They are invisibly present in your neighborhoods, grocery stores, coffee shops, hair solons, auto part stores, malls, and yes churches. They work,  living a paycheck-to-paycheck life hoping for a better tomorrow. Love Heals Free Clinic is passionate about creating accessible medical care for persons living a life on the edge.

Love Heals Free Clinic didn’t accomplish this alone. Your gift empowered 4,766 skilled volunteers who gifted their time. Your gift enabled us to treat 6,638 patients.Through the principles of Giving Done Well your gifts delivered $3,300,000 worth of medical services to individuals building their health, confidence, and hope.

Empower volunteers, build hope, and bring healing - donate now.


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