• Fred Cornforth

I Love Cheapskates

I’m a cheapskate. The lady who cuts my hair is too. She’s 70. Works at Great Clips, where she charges me $12 (plus a $5 tip) for a 10-12-minute haircut. Sure, I could afford a more expensive haircut -- but I don’t want one. She does a great job, and she’s fast. But there’s another reason I like her. She lives so cheaply, she’s able to save up enough money for her 401 k, plus this-this is what blows me away about her -- she saves enough money to support four different groups that take care of rescue animals no one will adopt. In fact, when she turns 73, she plans on moving to Southern Utah from her home in Boise, Idaho to volunteer full time at a ranch that cares for all sorts of abandoned animals -- she said with a smile to me just a few hours ago,

“they have a place I can stay for free with other volunteers. I can’t wait.”

I love cheapskates, especially those who do so for a purpose. If you have similar qualities, you want to know that 100% of what you give goes to the intended cause you wish to help. This is possible through Five Loaves because we are providing resources to cover 100% of the administrative costs for running Five Loaves. We love cheapskates. We love it when they give to charitable causes. Join us in supporting organizations that care about EVERY dollar and how it's spent. You’ll be in good company.


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