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Healing the Sick - Feeding the Hungry

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Day three. Iquitos, Peru. Two teams. One to visit. One to care. Went out to listen, heal and share. They prepared on day two with clinic training and sacking food bags.

Team Care filled an empty space with moms and dads and children seeking medical attention.

Over 150 patients served.

Surrounded by need the clinic team provided basic health screenings, dental care, dispense basic medications, and make trauma informed referrals. During the day two persons were identified with life-threatening conditions caused by foot infections. The team was able to transfer them for emergency acute care and The People of Peru Project will assist them until they are restored to health.

Team Visit went door to door listening to stories of hardship and struggle. Each door opened onto a picture of poverty framing the stories parents and children fighting to survive each day. With each departure the team left a gift of food for each family.

At one home they heard the story of a man who lost his job after his foot was smashed beneath a wheel of a garbage truck. An infection blossomed. Surgery was not successful and the wound was exposed and became infected. The team told him about the clinic. He went received treatment and will receive follow up care.

Go Team! Thank you for your caring!

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