• Fred Cornforth

Botched Surgery

My wife Jill stood there in shock. Being a nurse for several years, she’s seen it all-almost. A young man in his mid-thirties was dying right before her eyes. He had been in a car accident in Iquitos, Peru and a botched surgery, the only one he could afford, was now heavily infected with gangrene and the dead flesh was filled maggots—he had days to live. The text came to me in the hot afternoon, as several volunteers constructed a security wall for a girl’s orphanage in the same town-the text was from Jill. She had found a doctor, who, for $1,200 would clean wound, redo the surgery and save this father of 7 children. Without hesitation, I texted back, “Do it”.

$1,200 is a lot of money-but for us-there was no question on what to do. Impulse buying and giving, rarely leads to a good outcome, but something resonated in me—staring at the text—a man’s life had been reduced to $1,200. Children would become fatherless for $1,200. A widow, with what could have been a desperate situation, was now able to keep her husband, for $1,200.

Within half an hour, Jill would find a 5 year old who was about to lose his leg-permanently—a surgery for $300 would save his appendage.

I have enough life insurance on me to save an entire small town—but here I was faced with another choice. I texted back, “Do it”.

What a day-for $1,500 we had changed the lives of many people! Help us build a small hospital in this town of 500,000, where medical care is out of reach for most people. We want this hospital to be low cost or no cost to those who can’t find the care any where else. Just do it. Give wisely but also give abundantly. Every $300 or $1,200 really counts when 100% of it is going to the cause we are raising money for—Five Loaves has all of its administrative costs covered by our company CDI—so you can know the money is ALL going to the place it needs to go—and you can know we’ve vetted each recipient to know its legit. Give as you can. Join us in making a difference at Five Loaves Foundation—just “do it”.


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