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Fierce Humidity, Remarkable Smells, and Staggering Poverty

Updated: May 6, 2019

Day two. Iquitos, Peru. The sounds of vendors voices, the laughter of children, and the bustle of the market greet my ears. My eyes are surprised by colors, displays, and food. My nose is stunned by the smells of dank waste, cooking meat, fish fresh fried and live flopping in bins, and what was that - the unknown essence of the Amazon.

Belen's "Farmers Market" is stocked from the Amazon jungle. Exotic fruits, vegetables, and meat from any animal you can imagine. Including a protein meal deal - grub worms grilled on a stick county fair style. All the hustle cannot hide that Belen is home of the most deprived persons in the city in Iquitos.

The People of Peru Project serves the people of Belen through free clinics, life skill training, and Poppy's House. Individual transformations happen. See for yourself. Click the link below and watch "The Girl From Belen."

Her story is repeatable. Right now there is a high school senior born to the streets of Belen living at Poppy's House who is planning to go to college. Lives change one person at a time as they are loved one person at a time.

After a morning of shopping, it was time to get to work on the additional security wall at Poppy's House.

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