People of Peru Project Surgery Center 

Empower People in Peru Through Medical Care

The People of Peru Project is providing aid to the region of Peru that is located at the headwaters of the Amazon River. Iquitos is a city of 700,000 people surrounded by thousands of square miles of jungle. Poverty and all that comes with it plague this city. Disease, parasites, malnutrition, rampant tooth decay, and premature death are but a few.


In any developing country, with conditions like this, the children suffer the most. Many are left alone to survive on the streets or in the surrounding jungle with no parent or family unit to provide care.

People of Peru Project has given free medical/dental care to over 60,000 impoverished people over the last 15 years and we have changed the economic situations for individuals, families and entire villages by giving opportunities and education for self help.

Your donation will help us to renovate and transform the recently purchased 8,000sf building into a surgery center. With your help, medical and dental care will be accessible to communities that otherwise could not afford health care. The surgery center will be a training center to educate the next generation of local surgeons. The People of Peru Surgery Center Project will make a difference in the city of Iquitos. Be part in transforming the lives of these Amazon people by making this clinic/surgery center a reality.

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