School for the Hearing and Speech Impaired

The School for the Hearing and Speech Impaired in Kollegal, is led by the director and his wife, Jacob and Shiny, who are very committed, kind and talented people. The school has a robust curriculum, caring teachers, some vocational courses, sturdy buildings and vegetable gardens. Boys and girls are currently housed in separate parts of the main campus building.


However, they need to build a new boy's dormitory. A new boy’s dorm will alleviate crowding and free up space to be converted into vocational training facilities, a science lab, an audio studio and a new vocational course in computer literacy. All of these will help children at the school gain valuable skills and improve their employment prospects.

Employers in India often hire hearing-impaired workers for data entry work. The Kollegal community feels the deaf school is a great asset because deafness is quite common in the area. In India deafness is often misunderstood and deaf children experience prejudice, discrimination, and limited opportunities. With your support, this project will increase their capacity to help more precious disadvantaged children.   

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