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Giving Done Well

"Giving Done Well" is at the heart of every donor's gift. You give to change lives, build a better tomorrow, and make communities safe. You earned the gift you provide, and you want it spent well. You take your giving seriously. You research agencies asking, "Do they do what they say they are going to do?"  Five Loaves Foundation understands your search is not easy.


We vet every project we present to you. Partners must meet standards related to mission, operations, philanthropy, and staying power. Each partner agrees to adopt a Development Plan to enhance capacity and authenticity. To us, "Giving Done Well" includes training for, coaching, and mentoring our partners' success.


Five Loaves Foundation is partnered with CoLab to provide mentoring support for our partners. Each is connected to education modules focused on best practices at our CoLab Bootcamps. Where we encourage innovation, collaboration, and strategic planning. Our goal is to build capacity, validate outcomes, and safeguard transparency so that our project partners will be around for years to come.


Finished projects are a must for the Five Loaves Foundation. Each partner signs a Binding Agreement that outlines the project goals, timeline, and completion benchmarks. All funds are released as installments as goals are achieved. Final payments are reserved until the final inspection is completed.


"Giving done well" is a way to address big problems we face in our communities and our world. It is more than a "Money fixes everything" approach. We partner with non-profits and help them reach their potential and fulfill their missions.

Fred Cornforth

Fred Cornforth